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To: north.pole.org From: webchick

Carl Malamud and Rebecca Hargrave

"The Web brings people into our lives we might otherwise never have known."

“ In 1995, I was poking around the Web for inspiration, and happened upon The North Pole, a hip little site where you could download audio snippets of the elves complaining and spam Santa. I sent an email to the address listed on the site - elfmaster@north.pole.org - informing him that I thought his site was pretty cool, and asking permission to use some of the audio on another site I was working on. The elfmaster was impressed by the polite request and somewhat stunned that I even bothered to ask. The next thing I knew, I got a call from Carl Malamud, asking if I would be interested in designing the first World's Fair on the Internet. ”

The medium is NOT the message.