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“What's with the anti-McLuhan medium-is-not-the-message rhetoric?”
- Frequently Asked Question #1

We're big fans of the patron saint of Wired, but enough is enough. The net can surely move beyond JavaScript directories, discussions about the merits of protocols and Internet IPOs, and blogs about web designers. Maybe the Internet can even join the real world. A little navel-gazing is nice sometimes, but at media.org we like to think the medium can move beyond a self-referential message.

“What's with the dogs?”
- Frequently Asked Question #2

To make a long story short, we're dog people. They're loyal and protective and doggedly determined. These three qualities are not only admirable in a canine, but they can go a long way in this medium.

To make that short story a little longer, we gained a bit of notoriety recently with our BetterDogFood (.COM!!) spoof on the dot-com revolution. So, we've adopted them as our unofficial mascots for the time being. more +

“Who are you?”
- Frequently Asked Question #3

media.org is a is a collective of artists/architects, netizens fueled by a passion for the potential of the Internet. Co-founded by Carl Malamud and webchick, their goal for the organization is to push the Internet to greater heights through public works and activism. They also collaborate as the Internet Multicasting Service (IMS), the nonprofit group that helped pioneer some important early content on the World Wide Web.

webchick is best known for her independent content productions and innovative site designs, which underscore her commitment to advancing the net as a medium. Extracurricular activities include publishing a few random nodes at her personal web site. more +

Carl Malamud founded the Internet Multicasting Service, and is known for creating the first Internet radio station and putting the SEC's EDGAR database on-line. He co-founded Invisible Worlds with Dr. Marshall T. Rose and is the author of 8 books, numerous articles, and a few RFCs. more +

The medium is NOT the message.